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Harmful ultraviolet rays and heat can ruin your
car's dashboard and resale value.  The fact is,
a new dashboard may cost from $400.00 to
$1200.00 installed.  So protect your
investment with the UVS100  ultrviolet shield.
Protect Your Investment
A towel on the dash may help protect it from
interior.  A UVS100 sun shield placed in your
windshield will help protect your car's front
seats from solar heat.  And since theUVS100
keeps your car's interior temperatur 15 to 45
degrees cooler, you can comfortably get in a
car that;s been in the hot sun all day long.
Simply place the UVS100 in your wiondshield
hardware, no hassles.  And the soft
underside material won't scratch your
interior.  Since the shield is custom made for
your car, you get maximum windshield
coverage and the reflective silver outside
material compliments any car's color.
Why settle for less? Buy the best! Get the
UVS100 Ultra Violet Shield
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Now Available In 5 Colors
Watts Motoring is an
Custom Patterned To Follow The Outline Of The Windshield
UVS100 Ultra Violet Shield
construction with insulating foam and a clear mylar film on
the inside.  The side that faces the outside uses a
metalized polyester laminate finish to reflect up to 97% of
the sun's damaging UV rays.
Laminated construction for insulation
Radiant barrier material
Outside silver reflective surface
Reduce interior temperature
Protect seats and dash from UV damage
90 Day Warranty

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