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"Works with most aftermarket vehicle seat covers
including SeatSavers and SeatGloves"
Now Heated seat elemants can be easily installed beneath
fitted aftermarket seat covers! The kit consists of:

Special "envelopes" for all heating pads (4)

Wiring harness that PLUGS INTO THE VEHICLE accessory
POWER outlet

A power plug with INDIVIDUAL on/off heater controls
Features & Benefits:
With SeatSavers , they can be installed on both the front or rear seats
Self-Regulating & Faster-to-Ideal Temperature.  PTC heating elements,
Made in USA by Check Corp radiate heat evenly and self-regulate for
Enhanced User Comfort & Safety - Patented technology in the PTC
hearing elements ensures uniform warmth with no potential for
overheating.  The delivery of a constant, comfortable heat level offers
added safety and protection against over-temperature conditions
commonly found in comparable wire heaters.
Covercraft designed unique "envelopes" to securely hold the heating
elements, with grip material on the base and a layer of spacer-knit
fabric on the top, to allow Evan heat transfer.
Our use of "envelopes" allows SeatSaver and SeatGloves to remain
machine washable when soiled.
PTC technology delivers major performance, safety and reliability
They have passed extensive reliability tests, virtually elimination field
problems and warranty issues
Easy to Install:
1.  Insert the heating elements into each of the SeatHeater  envelopes
2.  The envelope with the strap and side release buckle is for each seat
3.  Place SeatHeaters onto the seats, carefully push the "tails" with wire
connections between the seatback and seat base
4.  Install seat covers over the SeatHeaters
5.  Attach wire harness and plug into the vehecle accessory power outlet
Power plug with individual
on/off heater controls
Heating pads fit under seat covers