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Front End Masks
"MM" Series - Hood opens with
mask in place
For maximum protection, you can't beat a full front
mask.  They cover the bumper area (some truck models
do not cover the bumper, to allow for installation of
lights, grill guards, etc.)  and the leading portion of the
hood area.  MM Series masks are a little more difficult to
install, since the hood piece is separate and must be
lined up with the fender area mask for a good
installation.  The finished product is worth the effort!  We
usually screen radiator openings because we feel it's
important to protect the front areas as much as
possible.  We have done plenty of testing over the years
to confirm that the screen does no increase the engine
temperature.  There are some applications, like
Firebirds and some Corvette models have the hood
opening so far back that a hood piece isn't required.  
These patterns are noted in our applications.
"MN" Series Mini-Mask
Mini-masks were designed to protect the area of the hood that takes the most abuse.  The
front area before the break of a hood is normally where most of the bugs hit and road
damage occurs.  This style of mask offers an economical alternative to a full mask and is
easily stored.  
Quality features you'll find in every mask
Protective air intake screens are an integral part of the mask, not separate, and they are
sewn into the outside of the mask so there are no loose pieces of material inside to
abrade the paint surface.
Covered aluminum tabs allow adjustment at the fender wells as vinyl expands and
contracts due to temperature.  
Reinforced air foils prevent flapping and lift.  Very few patterns don't require this feature
We use micro-perforated finish on our vinyl.  It allows the mask to "breath" and permits
moisture to evaporate when the vehicle is driven in wet weather. Still if a mask becomes
wet and is going to be left sitting in the sun, we recommend it be removed to allow the
backing to dry properly.
Our heavy-gauge leather grain vinyl has a soft, protective backing.  We use white
non-woven fleece so you can easly see when it's time to clean the back-side of the mask.
Seams are overlapped and finished with a strong, durable top stitch.  Edges are covered
with soft, non-abrasive felt-rimmed bindings.
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Hood Protector
Custom tailored to protect the front of the hood.  At the top
of the hood curve, we add a reinforced bug deflector to
create a swirling wind action to help divert most bugs, dirt
and debris away from the windshield.
Easy installation without tools, drilling or
Tough vinyl material has a soft fleeced backing.
Can be used in any weather, including sun,
snow or rain.
Bug deflector-tailored for most cars, vans and
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