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Canine Products Your Dog Will Love
Custom tailored for a perfect fit
Durable polycotton drill fabric
Fabric "breathes" to assure travel
comfort.  Quilted padded seat base
for canine comfort.  Nylon liner for
added protection of seat Easy
care-machine washable, choose
from 8 colors
Rear Seat Protector
Cargo Area Liner
Cover All Protection
Ultimate Dog Bed
Econo Rear Seat
Econo-plus Rear
Semi-Custom Seat
Door Shield
Custom Tailored for a perfect fit
Durable pollycotton drill fabric
"breathes" to assure travel comfort
Quilted padded finish on floor for
addend canine comfort Nylon liner
for added protection of vehicle floor
area Easy care machine washable,
choose from 8 colors
Secures to skirt on Custom Canine
Covers Protects rear floor area and
back of seats Custom patterned to
contour to floor and seats. Easy to
install. Constructed of the same
durable polycotton fabric.  Machine
washable, Choose from 8 colors
Five star canine comfort
Three sided bolsters provides room to
"stretch-out" 35"Wx25"D size, perfect
for home or car use.  Encapsulated
inside nylon pouch, easy care.
Choose from 8 colors
Durable coated polyester fabric
Provides good basic protection
Elastic head straps fit a variety of  
Cars  non-slip seat base patch helps
hold unit in place.  Six sizes, easy
care machine washable Choose
from four colors
Made with polycotton drill fabric
Non-slip patch addition to seat base
Hook & Loop seat belt opening
Easy care-machine washable, 6 sizes
Choose from 4 colors
Taupe, Tan, Black, or Gray
Protection for multiple vehicle use
Durable polycotton drill fabric
Fabric "breaths" to assure travel
comfort.  Adjustable headrest straps
help hold in Place nylon liner for
added protection of covered seat
Choose from 8 colors
Protect inside door panels from
scuffs.  Available in 22" or 26" width
Durable coated polyester, easy to
install-retention tabs are used to
hold in place.  Easy care
Twin-zippers allow
removal of
padding from
both sections
Hook & Loop            Non slip liner          Precision openings       Anchors to hold
closures                     holds protector                                               cover in place    
Eight colors
to choose
Coated Polyester
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The SofaSaver is easy to  install and remove and helps protect your
sofa from pet hair, dirt and accidents.  For good looks, comfort and
durability we use the dame drill weave polycotton fabric we use for
Canine Covers.
Three sizes are available to fit sofas with 60 or 70 inches of
room BETWEEN the armrests.
The back of the SofaSaver is covered with a water proof nylon
A special anti-slip grip surface is added on the seat base,
armrest and along the top area of the backrest.
Flaps with foam insert "anchors"  help hold the cover in place, along with a strap around the seat back.
For RV use there are universal hook & loop seat belt openings.  Vacuum or brush to clean, if soiled throw in
your home washer/dryer.  Choose from 8 interior-complementing colors
Click on SofaSaver for pricing and sizes
Rear Seat Hammock
56 inches wide x 54 inches long
Universal openings included for seat belts (hook&loop closure)
Easy to use.
Straps around headrest or headrest post
Adjustable straps fit most car, pickup, SUV and van second row seats
Durable urethane-coated woven polyester fabric
Waterproof fabric
Choose from 4 interior-complementing colors
Black                       Gray                     Tan                     Taupe  
Click on Seat Hammock for pricing and sizes
Back Seat Dog Bed
Click on Back Seat Dog Bed
for pricing and sizes
This won't protect all of your back seat like one of our seat protectors, but it
and a 3-sided perimeter bolster plus a protective covering for the seat back.
Same durable construction as our "Ultimate" dog beds
Hook & Loop opening at seatback cover base for restraint anchor strap
Bolster and pad are easy to remove when cover needs washing
Bolster and pad feature waterproof nylon covers
Extended flap on bolster zipper cover has hook & loop security tab
Easy to install and remove from vehicle
Choose from eight (8) colors in durable polycotton fabric