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WMA 2006
Combines a unique blend of natural
cleaners that safely and gently
emulsify soils and contaminants,
floating them away from the leather
surface and preventing them from
being redeposited on the surface.
Hyde Clean
prepped to receive leather
Dampen a soft cloth (towel) with
warm water, spray onto cloth and
apply by rubbing on leather surface.
Use extra attention to cracks where dirt
has settled.  Wipe clean with dry
soft towel.
Hyde Food
This unique formula combines
& Coconut oil) to rehydrate the
leather, leaving it soft, supple and
reenergized with the essence of new
leather.  A proprietary blend of other
natural ingredients (Bees Wax)
combine to produce a protective
barrier, shielding leather from
premature aging and harmful
Bryon's Hyde Food
Byron"s Hyde Cleaner